Ketika Ku Kecil…

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Ketika ku kecil,hidup terasa begitu mudah dan tanpa beban.Walaupun banyak masalah yang datang, tapi tak kuanggap besar permasalahan itu.Bahkan masa kecil ku banyak ku isi dengan berkhayal…berkhayal tentang masa depan.

“Aku mau membuat film sendiri…” ujarku…

“ceritanya aku yang tulis, dan aku juga yang menyutradarai dan main di dalamnya”

Oh,ada lagi satu khayalanku…

“aku mau membuat studio rekaman di rumahku yang bertingkat 5, dan berbentuk seperti istana.”

“aku juga ingin membuat suatu kompleks perumahan yang besaaaar sekali, dan mengambil semua anak jalanan dan menampung mereka di dalamnya! Setelah itu, aku mau membangun sebuah sekolah untuk anak-anak tak mampu…”

Yah…kira-kira, itu lah khayalanku.Ketika aku belum mengerti betapa sulit dan melelahkannya hidup ini.

Aku benar-benar mengira bahwa sangat gampang untuk mewujudkan semua keinginanku itu.

Tapi ketika beranjak dewasa, satu persatu mimpiku itu mulai pupus…sampai sekarang aku belum membuat film sendiri,karena ternyata biayanya sangat besar…aku juga tak bisa membangun rumah berlantai 5 dengan studio rekaman, atau panti asuhan dan sekolah bagi anak-anak miskin…

Kenapa? well…It’s all about the money,baby!

Uang keparat yang bikin pusing, membuat hidup susah dan serba salah…tanpa uang,kita pun mati gaya.

Tapi semua belum terlambat dan belum berakhir,kan? Maybe one day…Maybe.Siapa tau… hanya saja…seandainya kenyataan itu seindah khayalan masa kecil ku…

Vampyr State… the beggining.

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One there was a place called Vampyr State, where all the habitants were inhuman. Were they dead or just undead? Nobody knew because no one dared to enter or go near the scathing, evil place. 1850 it was the year where it all began, Europe became dead and unsafe when the country was being attacked by a bizarre malady known as St Vitu’s dance. Everyone would dance and howl insanely in the streets, the fear and stress of the plaque created madness in the whole country. In this time of chaos and paranoia about the infection of the disease, Vampirism rocketed.


       The bodies which were found in so called Vampyr State, instead of being in a new mystical condition, were simply alive in the common way or had been so for some time subsequent to their internment; that, in short, they were the bodies of persons who had been buried alive.”



 Jared Nicholas Williams a 32 years old investigator, sitting in the library trying to figure out a clue and a way to prevent another murderer in the big, glamorous city of Los Angeles.    


      “That was the only report given by Doctor Herbert Mayo of King’s college London regarding the Vampire attack in Europe. Not much to help me in solving this case, the Doctor seems to be unwilling in giving more details about it, weird…. what the heck happen that time?’ Jared shivers while thinking about the murderer who violently took his victim’s body organ.


‘Jared phone for you in line 4, it seems to be urgent’ Natalie rushes in to the library.

‘Thanks Nat, I’ll get it.” He picks up the phone

Yeaa… Jared here. What? Another one? I’ll be right there’


Jared runs out from the office and heads off to his car. There’s a disturbed look on his face.

Jared’s brain is filled with questions; how is the victim going to be this time? He speed his way in the empty streets heading for Wilshire Blvd. When he got there he saw the red lights from police cars, the street was crowded with people and he could see few officers trying to keep the feisty press out of their way.


‘What have we got here?’ he asks the one of the officers.

‘Almost the same as the first victim, only this time it’s a woman. 21 years old Julianne Michelle Smith, she works as a waitress in a café not far from here. She was last seen by her co-worker last night in front of the pub around 12 o’clock, then she saw her left.’

‘Almost…the same? So there is something else different than the previous one?’

‘ Umm…yes Sir…this time the victim wasn’t only drained…and got her heart torn out, she was also raped.’


‘ Well…we are still not sure whether she was raped or not, but her Vital organ was bleeding when we found her.’

‘What kind of son of a bitch is this man?!!’ Jared says to himself

‘This is the room Sir’ the officer shows Jared the way.


Jared enters the room with the young officer, and he sees the dead body lying on the floor next to her bed. The room gave an unpleasant odor and on the wall close to where the body was lying was blood covering the white paints.


‘Good evening sir’ says officer Kingsley to Jared who has just entered the room.

‘Good evening Kingsley, a woman this time?’

‘I’m afraid so, she’s badly injured too but the doctors needs to examine her more to find some other clues.’

‘Is there any sign of a force break in Kingsley?’

‘No, Sir. The door is in a perfect condition, no sign of force entry at all. Maybe the victim knew the killer.’

‘Could be Kingsley…. could be’ answered Jared.


Jared takes a closer look at the pale body and found how heavily wounded she is. Her clothes are all torn out, the breasts were deeply sliced and her face was beaten up until you can hardly recognize her but the worse of all her heart was torn out from her chest giving it a despicable look. He touches her neck and found another similarity with the first victim, two small red neck bites right on the neck.


‘She was drained from her neck, just like the first victim!’ Jared claimed.

‘At this stage we consider it so Sir, it seems that the killer might have a very sharp teeth or maybe he used a tool to do it’ replied Dr Albert who has just finished examining the victim.

 ‘U mean… someone can actually have such a sharp teeth until it go through someone’s neck and drain the blood?’

‘Well that’s what I am trying to figure out sir, human’s teeth can be sharp enough to make a hole on someone’s neck but not that deep and… human’s teeth cannot drain the blood, only Vampires can do that sir’ the doctor says laughing.

‘vampires? There is no such a thing as a vampire is there Dr? you said that he probably used a tool? ‘

‘Yes…yes. there is a pipe called “Vennator” it was used by some groups of people almost 20 years ago who assumed themselves as vampires’

‘how does that thing work?’

‘Well…the Vennator has two sharp plastic teeth shaped just like real fangs which is then connected to a straw -like pipe, that allows you to drain from the victim. So u simply plug it into a person’s neck and drink the blood from the pipe.’

‘So u are assuming that the killer uses this Vennator thing?’

‘I’m not quite sure yet Sir, I have to do a deeper inspection with the bite on her neck, whether it is right or not it was done by a Vennator, besides nobody still produce such a thing anymore, it’s a very rare object.’

‘I see, well you just keep me updated with the autopsy. I want full information about both of the victims we found today.’

‘Yes sir no problem, I’ll get it done by tomorrow afternoon.’


Jared moves out from the crime scene, he heads to his car and went straight to his apartment. On his way home he cannot stop thinking about the two victims he found on the very same day. His stomach hurts even to think about what the killer had done, he knew he was dealing with a serial killer and that it was going to happen again, and he was right.


The next day in Jared’s office in LA, sat the police dept head doctor, Dr Albert Burnstein. and Catherine J Simpson, a 29 year old woman who works as an investigator in the homicide dept with Jared.


‘So what have we got?’ asks Cat.

‘Two victims in a day, the first one was Luke Diamond, 21 years old Librarian. He was found at his work place at 7am by the cleaning service. He is assumed to be dead for more than 7-8 hours so he died between 12-1am. His blood was drained and his heart was torn out.’

‘Before you continue Dr, but was his heart removed when he was alive or after he was drained?’ ask Cat

‘Good question Ms Simpson, sadly both our victims had his heart taken right when they were alive.’

‘Jesus! That explains the horrifying look he had on his face’ Jared yelled.

‘Then what about the second victim?’ Cat asks.

‘Well…Ms Smith, she was 21 years old, had the same thing done to her but the difference is that she had a sexual intercourse before she was killed, and I assume she did it with the killers.’

‘Killers?’ Both Cat and Jared were surprised.

‘Yes. I believe there is more than two of them, perhaps three, and one is a woman.’

‘You mean she had threesome right before she was killed?’ Jared asks.

‘I think so, yes. I found not only two different kinds of men’s sperm on her body

 but, also a woman’s. She had sex with all three of them. The men seemed to be very rough while having the intercourse and that’s what caused the bleeding in her vaginal area.’

‘They killed her right after having sex?’ ask Jared

‘I assume that they started to torture her after the climax, she was beaten, then fell to the floor and got unconscious.’

‘They waited for her until she woke up then…. killed her?’

‘Yes. Ms Smith I think she died between 2-3 am’

‘That means the killers went straight to her house right after they murdered Diamond’ Cat looks at Jared with a strange look.

‘And guess what detectives? The bite the victims have on their necks…it wasn’t done by a vennator. Vennator would leave a different kind of effects and I would have been able to capture the plastic leftover on the victim’

‘But you…didn’t?’ Jared asked

‘Nope. It was done by real teeth, maybe there is a new model of Vennator, which uses real teeth, I’m not sure. 

 ‘Were there any fingerprints found on the victims body?’ Cat asked Dr Albert while writing down all the information.

‘No, not at all unfortunately. They might have used some kind of plastic or leather gloves during the killings. Do you have any more questions Detectives? These are all the information I could give for now, I must go back to the lab and do another autopsy.’

‘Not for now Dr, thank you for your help. Please let me know if there’s anything new.’

‘Sure Detective Williams, I will inform you ASAP, Good afternoon Ms Simpson’

‘Good day Dr and thank you’

‘so what do you think?’


Jared sat down and drank the coffee from his cup while he watch Cat fixing the notes she got from Dr Albert.


‘I think they are maniacs Jared. First we thought there was only one of them, and it turns out to be more than two. Not mentioning they took away two lives in a night, no fingerprints, no sign of force entry, nobody heard anything. That’s just impossible’ she replied.

to be cont…

For the man in that cold,dark place…

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i am walking barefoot on the flaming rocks
i am burning try to cool me down
i made mistakes……
but i’ve paid my debts
seperate me from them all…..

not that i don’t believe in you
i know you are only trying to help
i am bursting in tears, i can’t breathe again
seperate me from them all…..

try to make me run from this truth
i am not afraid to face all this pain anymore
can you make me feel again?
i am numb from this war
seperate me from them all……

am i moving too fast? tell me and i’ll stop
lend me your hand or else i’ll fall
i might have sinned
but i’ve paid the price
separate me from them all…..

try to make me run from this truth
i am not afraid to face all this pain anymore
can you make me feel again?
i am numb from this war
seperate me from them all…..

seperate me from them all… ?

why can’t i change? have i gone too deep? and u’ve forgotten me?
i am torn up into pieces, come and save me before this end

why can’t i run? have i fallen too far? and u’ve forgotten me?
i am torn up into pieces, come and save me before this end

try to make me run from this truth (not that i don’t believe in you)
i am not afraid to face all this pain anymore…. (i am burning try to cool me down)
can you make me feel again, am i numb from this war? (lend me you hand or else i’ll fall)
seperate me from them all….


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Kemarin itu, aku pergi ke seorang psikiater yang berkata “kamu tidak gila,hanya depresi.”  Ckkk…itu juga saya tau dokter!

dia bilang, setiap aku ingin marah dan berteriak ke orang lain,(atau malah kadang-kadang menonjok muka mereka) aku harus ambil nafas dalam-dalam dan hitung 4-2-4! pasti aku akan merasa tenang.

Benar saja, ketika kemarin aku ingin marah karena keponakan ku yang tingkahnya kayak terminator itu datang ke rumah,aku bisa dengan tenangnya hanya tersenyum sambil geleng-geleng kepala waktu dia menarik laptop ku hingga hampir jatuh.

“4-2-4…4-2-4…” ujarku berkali-kali setiap melihat dia hendak menghancurkan barang di rumah.tapi lama-lama konsentrasi ku buyar dan aku malah mulai menggumam “2-4-2, 2-4-2” sesak lah nafasku karena menahan nafas 4 detik, bukan 2! arrrgggghhhh!

psychology crap!

tapi ada benarnya juga sih, marah itu tidak baik. marah itu hanya membuat kita sakit jantung, sakit kepala, sakit semuanya.satu buah paramex ga akan lepas masuk ke mulutku setiap kali aku selesai mencak-mencak ke seseorang. ya abis gimana,aku ini orang Medan..kalau ngga marah, ya bukan orang medan. BAH!